Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am Neon

Hey there, Neon Gishi speaking.
I created this blog over a month ago to force myself to be a little more creative; alas, school work, personal projects and my natural laziness were too much for me to handle. Thus here I am now, giving this another try.

First post. What should I post? Should I go on about myself? Hm. Let's make it simple:

Name: Neon Gishi
Gender: F
Age: 20
Location: Belgium
Occupation: Currently studying the art of comics or 'Bande Dessinee' here which is a much wider term for anything illustrated in strips (don't let my history teacher read this). Third year, last year -no idea where to head off too next.
Language: Bilingual french/english and does ok with flemish (bilingual country, yeah?).
Hobbies: Anything creative (sketching, painting, writing, designing music,...), anatomy of the human body, fashion (photography, design, modeling,...), music (written twice -I live on music, I work on music, my heart beats on music.),... the pursuit of happiness?

Good enough? I'd say so. Unless anyone needs to know my favourite foods and how many pair of shoes I own, this is it.

What is my goal in life? I've yet a goal to strive to; I just know that I won't settle easily.


(image: Triple Naka - Neon Gishi)

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